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Sticky Mat


30 Layers in each Mat.
Antistatic Sticky Mat.
Number Indicators.
Cleanroom Adhesive Mat.

Sticky mats, also known as tacky floor mats, help keep contaminates from entering your clean room by using a sticky or tacky adhesive film to remove dirt, dust and foreign particles tracked in by shoes.
CLASSIC STICKY MAT offers a high-quality and economical line of peel-off sheet sticky mats ( tacky mats) designed for use in cleanrooms and contamination free environments.


Fits all standing posts. Ideal for domestic usage in the kitchen or bathroom as well as for professions that require standing in office desks, receptions, restaurant kitchens.
Captures dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment before they enter a controlled environment with these cleanroom mats.

Adhesive is strong, water soluble and anti-microbial.
When the top layer of the tacky mat becomes soiled, peel back to the next clean layer. The numbered corners let you know how many layers are remaining.